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Tess began piano at age 4 and violin lessons at the age of 6. Now she plays mandolin, drums and her personal favorite, the banjo! She is the lead singer for the band, with her strong resonant voice.

She has always said, "The man I fall in love with better like music cuz the band will ALWAYS be part of my life!" The beginning of 2012 Tess met an amazing man, Mr. Leo Adaoag! In September he proposed to her in front of an audience at a concert in Utah. They were married January 3, 2013 in the San Diago Temple, and we left on a 2-month tour January 7!

Tess has graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with a degree in Business Management. Someday this beautiful, talented young lady wants to fly - maybe get a small aircraft license to fly the band around! Until then, she loves to fill her spare time playing tennis, pickleball, or Starcraft II!

Mama's Wranglers Tess